Carlos Vogeler joins Global Wine Tourism Organization

ETURBONEWS.- The Global Wine Tourism Organization integrates both public and private sectors to contribute to the socio-economic development of wine tourism destinations

Former UNWTO Executive Director Carlos Vogeler has joined the Global Wine Tourism Organization (GWTO) as Senior Advisor. In his introduction letter to his friends, and now colleagues, he said, “I join this great project to work with its exceptional team of people committed to helping tourism destinations through the development and promotion of wine tourism. I share with you all the excitement of this project and would like to offer my support in promoting the activities of the Organization in your respective areas of work to bring value to our members”.

Together with Rafael Ansón (President of Honor) and José Antonio Vidal (GWTO Founder and Governing Board’s President CEO), Carlos Vogeler will coordinate the Operations team – Regional Directors, Departments Directors, and Business Development Director -, “with the aim of supporting and collaborating in the achievement of their respective and common objectives”, said the new Senior Advisor.


Iberian Wine Tourism Route

BASSAIRPINIA.- “Coopetitiveness (competing with a cooperative spirit) will be more essential than ever during and after the pandemic. Entrepreneurs and actors from the Public Sector are required to be supportive among ourselves and with the community, collaborating with actions that contribute both to the socio-economical development of the destinations and their residents as well as to the consumers satisfaction”, says José Antonio Vidal, President CEO of the Global Wine Tourism Organization (GWTO).
“An example of the above, is the alliance between the Spanish (AEE) and the Portuguese (APENO) Wine Tourism Associations.

Two countries that share geography and hospitality and that are now united to boost and emphasize the great richness of their cultural heritage, their history, their art and their wine and gastronomy tradition”, stated Mr. Vidal.


Global Wine Tourism Organization Circles: Inspiring new futures together

ETURBONEWS.- The Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Argentina, Matías Lammens and the Director General of Tourism Policy of Greece, Panagiota Dionysopoulou, participated on Monday November 30 in the first roundtable organized by the Global Wine Tourism Organization (GWTO) within its ”Connecting Governments” initiative.

The act was moderated by GWTO MICE Director, Arnaldo Nardone and conducted by the GWTO President CEO, José Antonio Vidal, who started by pointing out one of the main commitments of the Organization: the coopetitiveness between all agents conforming the value chain in the Wine Tourism sector. “As proof of it, today we have with us, two of the twenty countries that count with a Wine Tourism offer: welcome Argentina and Greece.” With a “Let the Wine Tourism party begin!”, Vidal gave way to the respective promotional videos, after which both guests started the talk on the topics proposed by the Director of the ‘GWTO Academy’, Coralie Haller and the Regional Directors, Pablo Singerman (Latin America) and Leonid Gelibterman (Eastern Europe and Western and Central Asia).


Two New Entities Created to Support the Wine Industry and Wine Tourism

Two new entities were recently created to support the wine industry: the Global Wine Tourism Organization (GWTO) and the EnoTourism Academy. Both institutions are based in Madrid, Spain.

The former is comprised of a network of countries and companies involved in winemaking and wine tourism and the goal is to enhance cooperation within the public and private sectors in accordance with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development from the United Nations. The GWTO will work to support the wine tourism value chain and ensure that it works together, helping members succeed in both the domestic and global marketplaces.


The international presentation of the Global Wine Tourism Organization (GWTO)

ICWAG.- The first international presentation of the GWTO was held on 5th of November 2020 for international media. The founder-president of the GWTO  Jose Antonio Vidal (Spain) was a lead of the event. He presented the GWTO’s agenda for action, the structure of organization including introduction of its regional directors.

The region of Oceania is headed by Robin Shaw from Australia (Founder CEO, Wine Tourism Australia),  the regional director of  the Western Europe is Erik Wolf (Founder CEO, World Food Travel Association);  the region of Eastern Europe, Western and Central Asia is assigned by president of ICWAG Leonid Gelibterman, Northern America’s regional director is David Furer (the USA), the regional director of Latin America is Pablo Singerman from Argentina (Director Economic Observatory Wine Tourism, Ministry of Tourism Argentina), the region of Eastern Asia is headed by Margaret Chen from China and Africa’s regional director is Marisah Nieuwoudt from South Africa (Manager, Wine Tourism South Africa).