1 Global Summit on Responsible EnoTourism

EnoTourism acquires a capital importance as an economic and social dynamizer, and as a vitalizing activity for the cultural and environmental heritage of the regions where the winemaking tradition is located.

Touristic and EnoTourism experiences take many forms to leave an emotional mark on the traveler, to become memorable, authentic experiences, fostering creativity and knowledge, generating physical stimuli, or evoking feelings of attachment and social identification, or all of the above simultaneously: stirring emotions.

In this context, innovation is a key element for the future of tourism and EnoTourism.

The answer undoubtedly lies in the innovative capacity of institutions – in the governance of regional and local tourist destinations – and companies in their efforts focused on a satisfactory customer experience that meets the real and potential demand of increasingly sophisticated travelers.

Mindful of the environmental impact of events, at GWTO MICE, we adopt a comprehensive approach to responsible and accessible practices for a sustainable future: venues, suppliers, and sponsors committed to waste management, carbon footprint, local gastronomy, and, of course, education and awareness through an event such as the GWTO Summit on Responsible EnoTourism with top-tier international themes and speakers.


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