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Academic Sector


  • Cooperate internal and internationally with central, regional and local governments, private entities and academic institutions for the exchange of knowledge, in order to define a model of sustainable and inclusive governance, involving local communities.
  • Establish links with academic institutions, facilitating the proposal and carry out training programs and research reports together with GWTO Academy, hand in hand with the Fellows’ cloister, counting on their advice in the promotion and development of those training courses of interest to their associates

Fields of action (Value proposition)

Institutional Development

  • Promote collaboration between governmental administrations, institutions, universities and private stakeholders, transferring technical knowledge and developing a business network through the GWTO Academy.
  • Enhance collaboration among public bodies, academic institutions and private companies through knowledge sharing and best practices.
  • Highlight the educational system, projects and curricula of member countries.
  • Study, promote, develop, and assist in establishing models of best practices and inclusive governance and business initiatives for tourism destinations.


  • Preparation of academic reports on comparative wine tourism in collaboration with prestigious universities.
  • Leadership in cooperative research projects: product and service development, innovation and strategies.
  • Study and validate international experience in wine tourism, including data analytics and the publication of case studies, books and other scientific material.
  • Create the GWTO’s Quality Seal, a certificate of excellence that guarantees the highest quality standards, distinguishing wine destinations, private companies and academic institutions in their marketing strategies.
  • Research market intelligence through the GWTO’s Economic Monitor, focusing on the evolution of international markets, including trends, forecasting and economic impact.


  • Co-creation and development of a comprehensive wine tourism training program through international alliances with Academic Members of GWTO.

Academic Business

  • National and international collaboration in the design and development of proposals to promote the academic institutions’ members.
  • Presence at leading events, fairs and national and international forums (tourism, wine and gastronomy).
  • Promote networking through the organisation and participation in global, national and local events such as conferences, congresses, seminars, symposiums and forums.
  • Offer assistance in the digital transformation of member companies and organisations, and attract foreign investments for these purposes.
  • Source of knowledge of the GWTO Annual Awards Gala.
  • Address issues and provide solutions through theoretical and applied research, market intelligence, education, training, information and innovation.
  • FAM Trips among destination members.

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