President’s Letter

At this particularly difficult stage as we deal with the current health, economic and climate change crisis, what will make a business sector like ours strong will be the ability of the entrepreneurs and its staff to adapt to new scenarios.

It means that we are facing a particularly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (‘VUCA’) scenario. An environment of transformative crisis, of fragmented globality, that we must know how to turn into an opportunity for change, towards a Governance that takes into account inclusivity, accessibility and sustainability as its three main axes in a transversal way.

Few business activities have the growth prospects that this sector has.
This New Era for wine tourism will focus on adapting to a changing demand, considering market characteristics, size and segments, and the role to be played within the context of tourism development and networks.

There is a need and an opportunity to redefine a new wine tourism paradigm: businesses have to redefine Strategic Plans focusing upon inclusive and sustainable approaches for the citizens, while governments are cooperating more than ever with public-private/public-public/private-private initiatives, taking into consideration the value of wine tourism’s role within the broader context of tourism development.

The key and basis to success will be in Knowledge Management and lies in the figure of the Tourist Guide, as the visible head of the good work of the entire organization.

The Guide will effectively communicate details and emotions. If we do not know how to make visits an unforgettable experience for wine tourists, there is no point in marketing and promotion. Not only is the business’ brand image damaged, but also that of the whole sector, with repercussions on the Country’s Brand image.

GWTO is made up by the Full Members -with their Committees formed by over 30 professionals that work in Marketing strategy-, and by the Academy which works in research and education, organized under a board of ‘Fellows’ (rectors, deans, doctors, professors and master coordinators), specialists in research and education in eno, agri and gastro tourism.

All of them international authorities in their respective fields of action, being each one a networking hub in itself. Something that is fundamental for an organization like ours with a worldwide structure. A team that is at your disposal.

We are in the perfect business. The future is bright for all who understand that wine tourism is a sustainable business opportunity.

In critical moments, the riskiest proposals are put on the table. The public and private sectors, and the most prestigious academic authorities have evaluated GWTO not only as necessary but also timely.

GWTO: Thinking BIG.

José Antonio Vidal
Founder President & CEO