President’s Letter

José Antonio Vidal
Founder President & CEO

From the perspective of winery owners and DMOs, visitors to wine regions have become an increasingly important revenue stream.

In fact, few business activities have the growth prospects that this sector has.

There is a need and an opportunity to redefine a new Enotourism paradigm: businesses have to redefine Strategic Plans focusing upon inclusive and responsible approaches for the citizens, while governments are cooperating more than ever with public-private/public-public/private-private initiatives, taking into consideration the value of Enotourism’s role within the broader context of tourism development: Enotourism is an important component of national global tourism for many wine-producing countries.

This New Era for Enotourism will focus on adapting to a changing demand, considering market characteristics, size and segments, and the role to be played within the context of tourism development and networks. This requires constant investigation and monitoring to adapt the supply to the evolution of the demand.

The key and basis to success is in coordinate two global networking hubs: Business and Knowledge, made up by the public, private and academic sectors.

We are in the perfect business. The future is bright for all who understand that Enotourism is a responsible business opportunity.

The public and private sectors, and the most prestigious academic authorities have evaluated GWTO not only as necessary but also timely.