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GWTO the international leading entity specialized in enhancing the socio-economic  development turning agro, gastro and wine producers regions into Tourist Destinations focusing on Customer Experience, through:
a) Destinations Branding,
b) Education by GWTO Academy,
c) Promoting agro, gastro and wine producing regions all over the world by team building with GWTO MICE Events,
d) Commercializing their experiences by EWC booking platform,
e) possibility of guaranteed experiences by the GWTO International Certificate in Quality and Responsible GastroEnoTourism, oriented in customer satisfaction and offered both to Destinations (DMOs/Municipalities) and to single establishments.
All in accordance with a Responsible Governance Model (GWTO Academy).

Objectives and Mission

Committed to the socio-economic development, promoting and commercializing gastronomic and wine regions all over the world by team building with GWTO MICE Events & EWC booking platform, and turning emergent regions into TOURIST DESTINATIONS through the GWTO International Quality and Responsibility Certificate in GastroEnoTourism focused on customer satisfaction, offered to Destinations (Municipalities) and to single establishments in accordance with a GWTO Responsible Governance Modelgenerating inclusive, supportive and accessible processes and services that involve all citizens, especially destinations’ residents.

To achieve close public-private cooperation through the exchange of knowledge and best practices.
The union of a wide network of the main gastro and wine producing countries and their companies, which seek to spread this tourism around the world.
Promoting world Wine and Gastronomy Tourism within a framework of inclusive, supportive and responsible governance.
A new era with a more ethical and responsible vision, for the recovery and benefit of rural communities.

Public Sector

Marketing Strategy

  • Positioning in global markets the gastro and wine tourism Country/Region/Local-Brands.
  • Visibility: To host events in their territories (congresses, exhibitions, academic symposiums, B2B, award ceremonies, etc.).
  • Participate in GWTOtalks webinars:
    • matching sectors,
    • academic ‘hot topics’ (GWTO Academy)

Private Sector

Management Actions

  • GWTO Economic Monitor of world wine tourism, on market intelligence and trends.
  • GWTO Members will have the necessary information for their strategic decision making.
    Access to specialized consulting services on planning and strategic management, marketing, communication, creation and development of products and any other areas, in favorable economic conditions negotiated for GWTO members. These international consulting firms will be selected by GWTO based on their proven experience and success.


  • Branding through GWTO MICE. Participate, reducing costs, in the most important national and international events -Tourism Fairs and Congresses-, organized by GWTO and in others in which it is invited, promoting the international recognition of entities for its positioning in global markets.
  • GWTO and GWTO Academy will make available the participation as speakers of its cloister list of internationally recognized personalities.
  • Participate in FAM Trips with experts in Eno, Agro and Gastro Tourism.

Marketing actions

  • GWTO Quality Seal as a certificate of excellence, focused on guaranteeing the satisfaction of the tourist experience, through the implementation of the highest standards of comprehensive service quality, aimed at both establishments and Destination Management Organizations (DMOs).
  • GWTO World Wine Tourism Marketplace where Members can promote and market their wine tourism offers and proposals.

Academic Sector


  • Cooperate internal and internationally with central, regional and local governments, private entities and academic institutions for the exchange of knowledge, in order to define a model of sustainable and inclusive governance, involving local communities.
  • Establish links with academic institutions, facilitating the proposal and carry out training programs and research reports together with GWTO Academy, hand in hand with the Fellows’ cloister, counting on their advice in the promotion and development of those training courses of interest to their associates

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