“The essence of EnoGastroTourism is to get to know a region through its cuisine and wine making, admiring its landscape, its architectural jewels, its cultural heritage, its roots. Gastronomy is solid and liquid food where Tourism acquires a fundamental importance as an element of socioeconomic dynamization where both types of food traditions meet”.

Rafael Ansón, Dr. Honoris Causa
GWTO & Academy President of Honor
International Academy of Gastronomy (Paris) Founder & Honorary President

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Governing Board


José Antonio Vidal
Founder President & CEO, EnoTourism Spain (Association AEE & Institute IEE)

President of Honor

Rafael Ansón
President of Honor, International Academy of Gastronomy
Dr Honoris Causa and Director Gastronomy Chair, Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio
Ambassador for Sustainable Tourism, UNWTO


Adolfo Favieres
Ambassador for Iberoamerica, WTTC
Former Secretary General’s Advisor, UNWTO 

José Carlos de Santiago
Vice-President, Iberoamerican Academy of Gastronomy
Founder President, Grupo Excelencias Comunicación 

Tomás Poveda
Executive Vice President EMEA, Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (USIL)
Former Gral. Mngr., Casa de América (based in Madrid)
Former Gral. Mngr. of Media and Public Diplomacy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain

Javier Espina
Director of the Federal Council of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism and Sports
Former Minister of Tourism of Mendoza 

Márcio Favilla
Former Executive Dir. for Operational Programs and Institutional Relations, UNWTO
Former Vice Minister of Tourism

Arnaldo Nardone
Minister of Tourism’s Assistant
Former World President, ICCA

Margaret Chen
Former Director for China, Telefónica Movistar

Hervé Novelli
President, Conseil Superieur de l’Oenotourisme

Ilia Giorgadze
Ambassador (Diplomatic Body, Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Polykarpos Efstathiou
Former Countries’ Director, Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO)

Germán Porras
Former General Director of Tourism and National Tourism Office Director (Tourspain), Ministry of Tourism 

Isabel Mijares, In Memoriam Feb 10, 2024
‘The Wine Woman’
Chemist and Oenologist
Winemaking advisor

Management Body


José Antonio Vidal
Founder, President & CEO, EnoTourism Spain (Association AEE & Institute IEE)
2018 Spanish National EnoTourism Award

Operations Manager

Verónica Salvatierra
Head of Communication, Cultural Heritage Commission of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay

Regional Managers


Pablo Singerman
Director Economic Observatory EnoTourism and MICE, Ministry of Tourism of Argentina


Leonid Gelibterman
President CEO, International Center of Wine and Gastronomy

Country Managers


Rodrigo Lemos
Wine tourism advisor, Corporación Vitivinícola de Argentina (COVIAR)
Director, Academic Program International (Government of Mendoza)

Romanella Paggi
Owner, Ketek Eventos & Turismo
Moderator ‘Mendoza en Una Copa’, Ministry Tourism of Mendoza


Milton Zuanazzi
National Secretary for Tourism Planning, Competitiveness and Sustainability, Ministry of Tourism
Co-founder & CEO, Hotel Sustentável consulting


Miloš Mišković
Former Director, SERNATUR Valparaíso

Judith Ramírez
Partner, La Recova Wines


Jiawei Jiang
Assistant Director, Monitoring Center for UNWTO Sustainable Tourism Observatories in China

Ruylene Gao
Director Government Relations for China


Nicola D’Auria
President, Italian Enoturism Association (MTV)


Marisa Ramos
Professor and Researcher, Faculty of Tourism and Gastronomy, Univ. Anáhuac


Alan Watkin
President, Wine Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ica
Manager, Tourism and Economic Development of Nasca


Maria João de Almeida
President, Portuguese Enotourism Association (APENO)


Leonid Popovitch
Former President, Union of Winegrovers and Winemakers of Russia

          South Africa

          Monika Iuels
          Acting Chief Marketing Officer, Official Tourism, Trade and Investment Promotion, Agency for Cape Town and the Western Cape (WESGRO)


Mercedes Sánchez
Secretary General, Spanish EnoTourism Association


Fatma Bilge
President, Urla Viticulture and Winery Association (UVWA)


Javier Azcurra
General Manager, Enjoy Hotel Punta del Este


Sergei Danilov
Co-owner & Chief Adviser, Delicious Uzbekistan and Silk Road


Central EurAsia

Julia Smirnova
Travel advisor, Komsomolskaya Pravda
Press advisor, Cervantes Institute Moscow

Latin America

Daniel Baroni
Director, Turismo 530 Comunicación

MICE Managers:

Congresses and Exhibitions

Arnaldo Nardone
Director, MICE International Consulting
Former World President, ICCA

Meeting and Incentives

Charo Trabado
Director, MITM Events

Administration and Treasury Head:

Mercedes Sánchez
Secretary General & Treasurer, Spanish EnoTourism Association

Legal Head:

Maurizio Di Ubaldo
President, Di Ubaldo Advocats

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