Visit wine regions in order to learn about the producing processes and to know the historical, cultural and natural heritage of the territory, through the gastronomic culture (Holistic, vivential, experiential tourism).

GWTO Definition

A Global network of agro, gastro and eno Tourism entrepreneurship and knowledge, made up of public entities, tourism-oriented establishments located in Gastro&Eno producing regions, Gastro&Eno associations and academic institutions.

These main stakeholders become GWTO’s General Assembly, collectively forming the World EnoTourism Council.


A comprehensive socio-cultural commitment to develop a responsible governance model with those residing within Gastro&Eno destinations.


Contribute to the socio-economic development of Gastro&Eno regions, through value propositions in the fields academic (GWTO Academy), business (promotion through GWTO MICE, and marketing through the booking platform), and public sector (positioning as a Gastro&Eno Tourism Country Brand).