The Global Wine Tourism Organization visits México

Promoted by the National Association of Tour Operators of Mexico (ANTOMEX), the Global Wine Tourism Organization (GWTO) visited four wine tourism states, sponsorized by ANTOMEX and VinoFest Querétaro.

gwto visits mexico1

Accompanied by the president of ANTOMEX, Luis Gilberto González Arocha, the general coordinator Dora Luz Villarino, and by the directors of each of the states -Gilberto Gamiño, from Baja California; Eliud Vertti and Lorenia Martínez, from Cohauila; Mariana Álvarez with the support of Jorge Ferreira, from Querétaro; and Xavi Armas, Carla and Christian Rivera, from Aguascalientes-, the president of GWTO, José Antonio Vidal, held working meetings with authorities from the public sector (Secretaries of Tourism and Directors of OCVs), private sector (winery associations) and academia.

In Valle de Guadalupe (Ensenada, Baja Ca.) wines are mostly made in small boutique wineries and do not import grapes from elsewhere. This makes it difficult to find a bottle of wine from this region outside the country and has resulted in so many wine lovers travelling to the Valley to taste them at their source and get to know the destination.

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Excellent conception in Coahuila, Querétaro and Aguascalientes of what a brand-destination should be as a tourist attraction in a wine destination: Ruta de Vinos & Dinos, Ruta de Arte, Queso y Vino, and Sangre y Toro, respectively. Cultural and nature heritage.

Invited to the 1st edition of the VinoFest in Querétaro, the president of GWTO signed with its organizers, Elia Navarro and Pedro Gárfias, an agreement for the presentation of international proposals in future editions.

gwto visits mexico3

In each of the meetings, the willingness to collaborate in the design of strategic plans, in promotion through the organization of events, in communication, in the marketing of activities through the booking platform, in quality and sustainability tourism certifications, in training, and in advice on the creation of wine tourism associations has been made clear.

All of this with the aim of positioning México on the world wine tourism map.

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