GWTO invited to the 1st Wine Tourism National Conference of Argentina

The president of GWTO, José Antonio Vidal, joined the celebration of the Argentine Wine Day as a national drink, congratulating the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation and that of San Juan, for the organization of the 1st National Wine Tourism Conference, to whose authorities he extended his greetings -the Minister of Tourism Matías Lammens, Yanina Martínez, Ricardo Sosa and Pablo Sismanian, with whom he met at Fitur 2020 (Madrid)-, as well as to his colleagues in the GWTO team, who also had outstanding interventions during the days:

  • Pablo Singerman, Vice President of GWTO for the Americas and as Director of GWTO’s World Economic Monitor for Wine Tourism,
  • Javier Espina and Rodrigo Lemos, GWTO Ambassadors for Argentina
  • Romanella Paggi, National Director, and
  • Oscar Bustos, developer of the GWTO Guarantee Certificate for Wine Tourism Experiences project.

A ‘National Wine Tourism Conference’, Vidal pointed out, “which from GWTO we consider necessary to design the master lines of the strategy for our sector in the new post-Covid era, and appropriate due to the circumstances, that the 1st winery GWTO Member in the world has been ‘Finca María del Pilar‘, in Santiago del Estero, and the 1st Winery Corporation GWTO Full Member in the world has also been the Argentine ‘COVIAR‘”.

Participating institutional authorities:

Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation:

  • Yanina Martínez, Secretary of Tourism Promotion
  • Sergio Castro, National Director of Planning and Development
  • Hernán Roitman, National Director of Tourism Quality
  • Ricardo Sosa, Executive Secretary of the National Institute for Tourism Promotion
  • Pablo Sismanian, Director of Tourism Products of the National Institute for Tourism Promotion

Provincial Ministries of Tourism:

  • Claudia Grynszpan, Minister of Tourism and Culture of San Juan
    • Martina Canales, Director of Tourism Products of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of San Juan
  • Mario Peña, Minister of Tourism and Sports of Salta
  • Germán Bakker, Undersecretary of Tourism of the Ministry of Tourism of Neuquén
  • Sandra Nazar, Provincial Director of Tourism of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Jujuy

Participating institutional authorities:

Federal Tourism Council:

  • Claudia Grynszpan, President
  • Javier Espina, Director

Argentine Wine Corporation (COVIAR):

  • Pablo Asens, Vice President

About GWTO

A Global wine, agri and gastro Tourism Business and Knowledge Network, comprising the whole agritourism value chain located in wine destinations -related to ‘wine’ in its broader sense-, the public sector and the academic by GWTO Academy. GWTO has been created to enhance the social-economic development of wine tourism destinations and its residents through strategic value propositions, as part of an inclusive and supportive governance framework, based on the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals.

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