The international presentation of the Global Wine Tourism Organization (GWTO)

ICWAG.- The first international presentation of the GWTO was held on 5th of November 2020 for international media. The founder-president of the GWTO  Jose Antonio Vidal (Spain) was a lead of the event. He presented the GWTO’s agenda for action, the structure of organization including introduction of its regional directors.

The region of Oceania is headed by Robin Shaw from Australia (Founder CEO, Wine Tourism Australia),  the regional director of  the Western Europe is Erik Wolf (Founder CEO, World Food Travel Association);  the region of Eastern Europe, Western and Central Asia is assigned by president of ICWAG Leonid Gelibterman, Northern America’s regional director is David Furer (the USA), the regional director of Latin America is Pablo Singerman from Argentina (Director Economic Observatory Wine Tourism, Ministry of Tourism Argentina), the region of Eastern Asia is headed by Margaret Chen from China and Africa’s regional director is Marisah Nieuwoudt from South Africa (Manager, Wine Tourism South Africa). 


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