• Be a meaningful intermediary in the negotiation and decision-making processes among international organizations, countries and territorial entities.
  • A powerful channel of communication between members, companies, public administrations, and research and knowledge centers, to reach consensus and share results.
  • Promote public alliances for wine tourism with each state members.
  • Inspire and provide actions for new means of wine tourism, bringing accessible, responsible and responsive processes and services within an inclusive governance designed to involve the local population.
  • Promote the creation of national wine tourism associations in all member countries.
  • National and international collaboration in the design and development of proposals for the promotion of:
    • the brands of the National and Regional Members,
    • the brands of the companies and their products, the services of wine tourism and agritourism.
    • the trademarks of member academic institutions
    • the training actions of the GWTO Academy
  • Other actions


  • Highlight the educational aspects of the associated countries’ policy projects (e.g. study plans).
  • Promote collaborationbetween governmental administrations, institutions, universities and private stakeholders, transferring technical knowledge and developing a business network through the GWTO Academy.
  • Other actions


  • Critical mass allowing members to access human resources, materials, technology and specialized markets.
  • Optimal unit of action to identify problems, needs and concerns, to face large common projects and to provide practical and personalized solutions.
  • Promote the creation of the Global Wine Tourism Economic Indicators.
  • Promote the creation of the GWTO Quality Seal, an image of excellence the sector will acquire through the GWTO to maximize the commercialization of companies.
  • Establish agreements with tourism intermediaries to coordinate the creation of a marketplace to assist members with expanding their businesses in the domestic and global markets.
  • FAM Trips among countries members.
  • Employees with specialized training through the GWTO Academy.
  • Presence at main events, fairs and national and international forums (tourism, wine and gastronomy).
  • The organization of local and global events such as conferences, congresses, seminars, symposiums, forums, exhibitions, presentations and business training. Assist foreign and local tourist organizations with similar actions.
  • Offer assistance in the digital transformation of member companies and organizations and attract foreign investments for these purposes.
  • Strengthen technical information and support for large scale projects by means of financial, technical and other types of assistance, in the form of loans, subsidies, etc.
  • Other actions