GWTO Academy


  • Powerful communication channel between its members, companies, public administrations, and research and knowledge centers, to reach consensus and disseminate results.
  • Create an environment that enhances the ability of governments and businesses to succeed as part of an inclusive governance framework.
  • Catalyse collaboration among public bodies, academic institutions and companies by the sharing of knowledge.
  • Serve as leading knowledge management intermediary in the processes of influence, negotiations and decision making with national and regional governments, international organizations and territorial entities, highlighting the educational aspects of policy projects of associated countries.
  • Study, promote, develop and assist in the establishment of models of good practices and inclusive governance and business initiatives for tourism destinations.
  • Other actions


  • Leadership in cooperative research projects: product and service development, innovation and strategies.
  • Creation and development of a comprehensive wine tourism training plan.
  • The GWTO Academy’s Executive Training Program will consider training in sustainability throughout its courses in a transversal way, focusing on good practices, successful cases and the exchange of experiences in sustainable tourism that may be useful for participants to adopt in their companies or destinations.
  • Preparation of academic reports on comparative wine tourism in collaboration with prestigious universities.
  • Promote the understanding of the wine tourism concept and its specific applications in local economic, environmental and sociocultural development activities and initiatives that strengthen ties between key stakeholders.
  • Study and validate international experience in wine tourism including data analytics and the publication of case studies, books and other scientific material.
  • Other actions


  • Organize or assist with the development of training courses to prepare students, workers, professionals and executives in the field of wine tourism.
  • Assistance in the education, acquisition and improvement of the professional capacity of workers in companies and organizations.
  • Organize and participate in global, national and local events such as conferences, congresses, seminars, symposiums, forums, and capacity building or training programs. Assist foreign and local tourist organizations in similar activities.
  • Source of knowledge of the GWTO Annual Awards Gala.
  • Address issues and provide solutions throughtheoretical and applied research, market intelligence, education, training, information and innovation.
  • Other actions