GWTO presented at TTG Fair in Rimini (Italy) its wine tourism new vision post Covid

The Global Wine Tourism Organization (GWTO) filled the capacity of the LifeStyle Arena at the Rimini TTG Fair, before an audience made up of professionals from the wine and olive sector, consultants, start-ups, professors and students.

José Antonio Vidal, president CEO: Few entrepreneurial activities have the growth prospects of a sector as broad and transversal as wine tourism.

The mission consists of rethinking activities related to wine tourism, strengthening territories and involving all actors in the value chain, taking into account inclusion, accessibility and sustainability as its three main axes, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

The key to definitive success is in Knowledge Management and in the Wine Tourism Guide, as the visible head of the good work of the entire organization.

GWTO is made up of its Members -with its committees made up of more than 30 authorities that work on Marketing strategy-, and the Academy, which works in research and training, organized in a team of Fellows -rectors, PhDs, professors and coordinators of Master’s degrees from the most prestigious universities and business schools, specialists in eno, agro and gastro tourism.

The co-creation of training programs with academic institutions, the presence as exhibitors at the main tourism, wine and gastronomy fairs, the organization of meetings with the main stakeholders (GWTOtalks), the organization of congresses and forums, the creation of the Economic Monitor of wine tourism -which will analyze the evolution of markets, international trends, forecasts and economic impact-, and the Market Place of world wine tourism, accredited by the GWTO Quality Mark, whose focus will be on customer satisfaction, are just some of the value propositions.

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Paola Puzzovio, Director for Italy: “What can we do for Italian wine tourism thanks through GWTO? What are we missing? We will have a global network of knowledge. A global coordination that will help us to develop and strengthen networks at an international level”.

Concetta D’Emma, Director of Social Networks, spoke about inclusive experiences also at the food level with the new figure of the Glocal Storyteller: “How can we narrate the territory in social networks in an ethical, coherent and concrete way, taking into account sustainability (environmental, economic, social) and inclusion and accessibility policies? And how can we engage our guests and travelers in line with our mission?”.

José Antonio Vidal concluded saying that “it is important that companies and the sector in general Think Big. We are in the right business. The future is bright for all who understand that sustainable wine tourism is a business opportunity. And that is why coo-petitiveness is essential: we must not see others as competitors, given that all the actors in the supply chain coexist in a territory”.

About GWTO

A Global wine, agri and gastro Tourism Business and Knowledge Network, comprising the whole agritourism value chain located in wine destinations -related to ‘wine’ in its broader sense-, the public sector and the academic by GWTO Academy. GWTO has been created to enhance the social-economic development of wine tourism destinations and its residents through strategic value propositions, as part of an inclusive and supportive governance framework, based on the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals.

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